The Wright Group


Today, the Wright Group’s specialty is the hands-on development, formulation and manufacturing of custom nutritional blends, or premixes. These premixes begin as a series of nutritional delivery targets intended to enrich a variety of product applications; including breakfast cereals, functional foods, dairy and non-dairy-based meal replacement beverages, nutrition bars, sports nutrition products, infant formulas and daily multivitamin supplements. 

The Wright Group continues to be committed to providing cost-effective fortification, while maintaining our core values of innovation, quality, integrity and customer commitment.

Wright recognizes the need for technological development of essential fortification systems to deliver the most functional nutrients available.  As a result, Wright is constantly developing products enriched by innovative ingredients and technologies, giving you choices for virtually any application.

Formulated using advanced, proprietary Super Micro Atomization Retention Technology process, SuperCoat® allows customers to maximize and deliver specific nutrient function by masking unpleasant taste, odour and mouth feel, of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals. Our value-added microencapsulation also increases stability and shelf life, protecting sensitive nutrients in extreme temperature and processing conditions. SuperCoat® ingredients eliminate reactivity with other micronutrients and protect in adverse pH environments. This protection allows for reduced overages, allowing formulators and product developers to fit nutrients within more compact applications.