Originally established as a co-operative dairy and milk drying facility, today Prolactal and Rovita are solely dedicated to separating milk and whey into their valuable components using the latest technology and refine for further processing within the food industry.

Prolactal has been working towards this goal at our production site in Hartberg, Austria as well as at our subsidiary Rovita in Engelsberg, Germany. With a team of more than 200 employees, Prolactal continues to pursue a goal of creating individual and custom product solutions for our global partners.

With an export share of over 75%, Prolactal supplies customers in more than 35 countries in the key markets of Central Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. Prolactal is your competent partner for milk and whey powders as well as derivatives like WPC, MPC, Lactose, Casein and Caseinate in conventional and organic quality.

A strong team of 25 employees in the areas of development and quality assurance ensure  a seamless quality management system from receipt of raw material through processing to delivery of finished products.  Having a variety of certifications, Prolactal meets the high quality standards of many important and globally recognised certification organisations within the food industry.

Prolactalís application laboratory constantly works together with clients to develop new, innovative and custom products in accordance with customer requirements and specifications for all sectors of the food industry.  New, future oriented recipes are also tested in the laboratory with trial spraying towers for dry products.

Prolactal also cooperates with various academic and research institutions as well as multi-site development units in order to be able to continuously offer market-specific and current product solutions.